President Yar’Adua’s 7 Point Agenda – Lest We Forget


1. Energy: We need to solve the problem of power and energy – National Council on Energy to drive the energy policy and advice on power, energy and gas… energy emergency to be declared.
2. Security: Treating security as a critical Infrastructure.
3. Wealth Creation: 70% of all revenue comes from oil; need to keep this focused and extended to other areas.
4. Education: Need to address the various problems in the education sector.
5. Land Reform: To provide proper ownership and give a chance to take the land to capital market.
6. Mass Transit: To develop capacity for mass movement of goods and people.
7. Niger Delta: To implement the master plan already developed.

Conditions Precedent:
a. The Issue of Law: “We need to become a nation that respects law, order, established regulations and procedure”.
b. The Issue of Planning: “We must have a plan that is clear, unambiguous, sincerely and genuinely drawn up and that has the real potential of taking us to the objective”.
c. The Issue of leadership and hard-work: “We must have the commitment to work hard and provide leadership”.

What is needed?
“We need to provide the correct leadership and we need to ensure the correct conduct and the correct attitude and we need to plan well towards our objectives … to lay a solid foundation for building a modern industrialized nation that will meet the developmental needs of our people, their educational needs, their health needs and their psychological needs … and develop the environment for them to grow and develop their potentials”.

Source: eNigeria


  1. Abibu Fatai says:

    I love our president and my country by saying we shall continue to grow from strength to strength. And concerning our new leaders acting in the absence of our president please help us develop at least two of our refineries lying idle in this country.

  2. dsendan says:

    It’s 2 painful dat we lost him (Mr president!).

  3. ugwu paschal basil says:

    the 7point agenda will prove nigeria nation into a grater level if achieved bravo mr presient may his sole rest in pease

  4. yardua left without achieving any of the 7 points agenda but may his soul rest in peace


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